Monday, June 27, 2011

Hermione Granger . . . .

Do you ever have that feeling that people are watching you? Not in the sense that dead people follow you around and watch you at night, but like your whole life is being projected onto a huge screen and millions of people are watching it all play out? It would be like the Truman Show, but instead, called the Addie Show! I wonder if anyone would think my life was as interesting as I do? .....Probably not. It's a natural thing for a persons life to revolve around them. Sure we all worry about others and we say that our lives don't revolve around us, but that's not true. How I see it is that I am the main character in a novel someone has written, or the leading actress in a movie. That doesn't mean that I'm the center of the world, just of my life. Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I just have this strange desire to be in a movie. At least once in their life, every girl has wished that they could be the girl in the movie who always ends up with the hot, dreamy boy with the nice abs. Be it Bella Swan, or that lucky girl in Thor. But in my case, it's Hermione Granger. Not because she gets the hot boy, but because..... well, who wouldn't want to be in Harry Potter? She's a wizard who's best friends with The Chosen One, she gets to go on all the adventures with Harry and Ron, and she's.......a wizard for crying out loud! She's kind of a big deal if you didn't know. But enough on that tangent, sometimes life isn't entirely fair. We can't always be Emma Watson and be as fortunate as she is, but last time I checked, I'm doing just fine being Addison Hunsaker. And who knows, maybe one day I'll be a big deal to a young girl like myself. Let's pray that that day comes soon!

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  1. I feel the same way. I often feel like there is an author of sorts orchestrating my every move to work out the way that it does... I am currently trying to figure out the name of the novel in which I live....